Floral, Still Life & Landscape in Oil, Pastel & Acrylic

Dawn Boyer, known for her colorful palette, is an award-winning artist from New Hampshire whose work hangs in private collections throughout the United States. She uses only the finest archival materials, ensuring that collectors’ purchases will last for many lifetimes. Dawn’s work is currently represented by Art 3 Gallery and Xanadu Studios, and you may also should you wish to purchase or show paintings.

Artist Statement

My goal is to capture the resonating essence of the moment. Nature has a strong emotional impact on me, and I use vivid color, light, shape, and texture to express that impact. Each time I approach a painting, I find myself searching for the “space between”–the realistic and abstract, the intellectual and intuitive, the personal and universal. It’s a captivating and elusive process that fascinates and fixates me.

Monet once said, “Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.” I know what he meant. Painting forces me to “wake up.” Senses heighten, emotions rise, thoughts deepen, everything converges, and the world can no longer be the same. It is my hope that my paintings bring some of this experience to those who view them.

NH State Council on the Arts Logo

Dawn Boyer is supported in part by a grant from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts & the National Endowment for the Arts.

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