30 Day Painting Challenge: Day 10

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30 Day Painting Challenge: Day 10

Today, my good friend Marj came to the stu­dio to watch me do a demo and then work on a paint­ing of her own. She’s want­ed to try oils for a while, but didn’t know quite how to start. I remem­ber the feel­ing well. It’s hard for me to believe it now, but there was once upon a time when I was afraid of oil paints. An expe­ri­enced artist friend took the fear away by coach­ing me,  paint­ing a demo, and explain­ing the process, and I felt hon­ored to be able to in turn be able to do that for some­one else on this day.

We had a great after­noon togeth­er, and I was amazed at how much doing the demo and explain­ing the steps to my friend helped me in my own process. Marj want­ed to know about work­ing with col­or and shapes, so we focused on the series of still lifes I’ve been doing for the 30 Day Paint­ing Chal­lenge. I want­ed to show her how to lim­it her palette to three col­ors plus white, because it can be so fun and eye open­ing as well as help a begin­ning artist get a good grip on col­or with­out being over­whelmed. So, I chose Win­sor & New­ton quinacridone magen­ta, Michael Harding’s bright green lake, and Gam­blin cobalt blue.

I laid down sol­id blocks of col­or in a thin wash with a brush to start, then switched to a palette knife and adjust­ed shapes, val­ues, and col­ors as I went. At one point, I said, “I think we have peonies here,” and so “Still Life with Peonies” came to be. Marj got to see how it’s good to start with broad strokes and not wor­ry about detail until lat­er in the process. It was great fun for both of us to watch the paint­ing come to life.

She has a good eye, and her own paint­ing turned out great. I hope we’ll do it togeth­er again soon.

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