30 Day Painting Challenge: Day 4

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30 Day Painting Challenge: Day 4

A series is born!

I didn’t see that one com­ing.

But, as often hap­pens with the cre­ative process, one must fol­low if one doesn’t want to beat one­self up against a wall until bloody. I had no idea I’d be so tak­en with sim­pli­fy­ing and mov­ing toward a more expres­sion­is­tic style after I did my Matisse-like pop­pies-in-a-vase paint­ing, but it held on with a firm grip.

So, when I went back to the stu­dio the next day, I found myself mov­ing my palette knife across the can­vas, form­ing sim­i­lar shapes to that paint­ing when it came to the table and back­ground. I decid­ed, “Hmmm, something’s hap­pen­ing here. Let’s see what it is.”

I sim­pli­fied the vase and the flow­ers, which allowed me to focus on col­or ways. I got excit­ed.

Let’s see how far we can go with this,” thought my cre­ative self. For once, the crit­i­cal edi­tor didn’t get in the way.

And this is what came out. I real­ized how fun it could be to paint a sim­i­lar set­up with as many dif­fer­ent col­or ways as pos­si­ble. It’s always good to simplify–it helps clear the clut­ter from the artis­tic brain and get down to what’s tru­ly impor­tant in a paint­ing. So, I’ll paint the same sub­ject (flow­ers in a vase on a table, made up in my imag­i­na­tion so I don’t get dis­tract­ed by paint­ing what’s in front of me), with dif­fer­ent moods. I’m call­ing this one “Bright Flow­ers Against Blue.”

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