30 Day Painting Challenge: Day 9

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30 Day Painting Challenge: Day 9

Day 9 was “Redeem a Paint­ing” Day. I hadn’t intend­ed for it to be so. My process for the 30 Day Paint­ing Chal­lenge is to go to the stu­dio, pull out one of the many 12 x 12-inch can­vas­es I pur­chased on sale express­ly for this month, and start paint­ing. Today, how­ev­er, the can­vas I reached for was a bit loose on its stretch­ers. The cor­ners all had lit­tle sag­ging spaces, and that just wouldn’t do.

So (and here’s a tip for all you artists out there who don’t know this already), I took out my handy spritzer bot­tle, and sprayed both sides with water. Then set the can­vas aside to dry. It took a while, but it did the trick: the dry­ing pulled the can­vas tight as a drum.

I looked for a place near the win­dow to dry so the sun could help. I saw a pile of failed paint­ings that I’d tucked away behind a cur­tained eave (the cur­tains had part­ed a bit, just enough for me to get a peek). On the top was a very nice linen can­vas pan­el. I had attempt­ed to paint some lilacs a cou­ple of years ago, but I got too attached to a pho­to, and the paint­ing turned out life­less and too real­is­tic, almost like those dec­o­ra­tive paint­ings you see on vas­es and such. Ugh. Def­i­nite­ly not me. So I tossed it aside, and for­got all about it.

Until now. There it was, look­ing up at me. I swear, some­times those paint­ings talk (no, I’m not crazy–they don’t lit­er­al­ly talk; they just have a way of say­ing things).

This one said, “Want to try again?”

OK, thought I. Why not? It’s always good to try some­thing new. So, I pulled the pan­el out, put it up on the easel, and began to cov­er it up with new paint.

To my delight, the tex­ture of the old paint­ing showed through and gave the new one an excit­ing ener­gy and feel. Because of the rough­ness, I couldn’t get caught up in details. Here and there, lit­tle bits of the old painting’s col­ors would show through, and that added excite­ment as well. What hap­pened was a very min­i­mal­is­tic style, full of its own kind of life and emo­tion­al force. I decid­ed to keep the paint­ing a tad mono­chro­mat­ic to allow the tex­ture and ener­gy to have the stage.

And thus, “Blue on Blue (Still Life)” was born. I might have to cre­ate some tex­tured can­vas­es or find more old can­vas pan­els to paint over. I’m kind of in love with the rough­ness now.

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